Welcome! I’m Mel Ettenson. During my 50-plus years in the plastics business, I have always wondered why there wasn’t a single, concise, reliable source of information about our industry. Now I’ve done something about it – by creating THE GLOBAL PLASTICS LETTER. It is a quick, highly informative plastics newsletter – to the point and timely enough to act on. In just four pages we pack relevant news, information, and insights, with a primary focus on a sheet, rod, tube and film, plastic semi-finished shapes, plastic basic shapes, semi-finished plastics, plastic sheet rod tubes, and film. We cover pricing trends, market moves, new and upcoming products, and services in the plastics industry.

We’ll tell you about marketing innovations, corporate personnel and management changes, technology breakthroughs, and research developments. We pay particular attention to fast-changing international plastics markets…

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From the movie “The Graduate”: “One word: Plastics”

Coincidental with our 100th issue is the 40th anniversary of the landmark movie, ” The Graduate” with its amazingly memorable line (known both inside and outside our industry) “One word: Plastics”.

In short, you’ll get valuable news and background you can use to manage your plastics business. For more information on THE GLOBAL PLASTICS LETTER check out the Newsletter Details.

We’re so sure you’re going to be completely satisfied with THE GLOBAL PLASTICS LETTER that we guarantee a 100% refund of the annual subscription price you paid any time you ask for it.

To sign up, just complete the online order form and email or print and send it to us. Electronic subscriptions are available.


  • Includes useful info from over 88 plastics resources, including dozens of plastics websites.
  • 4 concise pages – just 10 minutes to read.
  • Presents the important information for you so you can concentrate on managing your business, not reading dozens of publications.
  • Keeps up with trends, alliances,  pricing forecasts, market moves, and more.
  • Adobe Acrobat PDF issues are available online for immediate viewing.

“I value your publication as a reliable source of information about our industry and look forward each month to update on “our world”. ”

Bill Egner
Emco Industrial Plastics
Cedar Grove, New Jersey

“Few people even scratch the surface, much less exhaust the contemplation of their own experience – yet Mel Ettenson seems to do just that in each month’s edition of Mel Ettenson’s Global Plastics Letter. With over fifty years of experience in the plastics field and a lifetime of industry contacts, Mel packs together a powerful assortment of news, information, personnel updates and his own industry predictions in a concise and easy to read format that no one in the plastics industry should be without. Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing -but by subscribing to the Global Plastics Letter, you’ll get a whole lot of it for next to nothing!”

Bing J. Carbone
Modern Plastics, Inc.
Bridgeport, Connecticut

“Best wishes for a successful 2009 and keep going by writing so interesting a letter. I always read them immediately”

Burckhard Frank
Rochling Group
Mannheim Germany

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