“Just so that you know that your newsletter does some real good in the plastics industry. Two weeks ago I received a call from Lucite, a major manufacturer of Continuous Cast Acrylic sheet. They are in the process of restructuring their distribution chain in the West.  They saw the interview you did with me in the Sept. & Oct. issues called and said that we were just the type of firm they want to align themselves with in the future. We met with them and as a result, they set us up as their primary distributor for our area.  We placed the initial order with them last week for delivery this week, it totaled about $50000.00, not bad for openers! This will be a very long term relationship that will save us money and give them improved distribution. A real WIN, WIN situation. Thanks, we now know that you have a real impact in the marketplace.”

Jim Donaldson
Former President
AIA Plastics, Inc.

“The Global Plastics Letter provides substantial information in a timely manner, often the first source to confirm facts, figures, or forecasts important to our business decisions.”

Steve Kesler
Director of Sales
Reynolds PolymerTechnology

“I have come to look forward to reading the Global Plastics Letter and feel more informed about the industry. It clear, brief, and to the point. I would recommend it giving it a try.”

Ralph Meyer
Meyer Plastics